Centre of Excellence (Automobile):-


Centre of Excellence (COE Automobile)

Under COE Scheme Trainees will be trained for multi talent for the period of Two Years

1st Year
1st year of training candidate will undergo for Six Basic Modules Training each of Eight Weeks every week there will be Practical training of 28 hours, 4 hours trade Theory, 2 Hours Workshop Calculation & Science, 2 hours for Engg. Drawing and 2 Hours for Entrepreneurship & Communication Skills after the completion of 1st year training period trainees will appear for Exam under SCVT Scheme. If he gets through the exam he will be issued Certificate under SCVT Scheme.

2nd Year
First Six Months: - Those trainees who have completed 1st year training they will be trained for Six month in advance module after six month again they will have to appear Exam under SCVT Scheme and will be issued certificate if passed the exams.

Last Six Months: -
The students who have undergone 1 Ĺ half year successful training will be entitled for six months special modules under industries. On the completion of six month special training Final exam will be jointly conducted by Department & Industries. Certificate will be issued by Department after clearing the exam.

The applicant should be between 14 to 40 year on 1st August of Admission Year. Military persons and war widow's upper age limit 45 years.


Detail of COE Automobile is as under

BBBT: - Basic Broad Band Training

1 1st Module (ABT – 01) :- Basic Fitting and measurement
2 2nd Module (ABT – 02) :- Basic Sheet Metal works and Welding
3 3rd Module (ABT – 03) :- Basic Electrical & Electronics
4 4th Module (ABT  - 04) :- Basic Microprocessor and Computer
5 5th Module (ABT  - 05) :- Basic Petrol & Diesel Engine
6 6th Module (ABT  - 06) :- Basic of Transmission, Suspension Steering System and Brakes
Admission only Once a Year in the month of July/August

Advance Module: - Duration Six Months

1 AAT - 01 :- Servicing and overhauling of Automobile (Petrol) : Six Months
2 AAT – 02 :- Servicing and overhauling of Automobile (Diesel) : Six Months
3 AAT – 03 :- Auto Electrical, Auto Electronic and Air Conditioning in Automobile : Six Months
In Plant Training in Different Industries / Factories : Six Months
Admission Twice a Year in the month of February & August

Centre of Excellence (COE Automobile)

CoE Automobile

1 Basic Module : http://dget.nic.in/coe/syllabus/AutomobileBBBT.pdf
2 Advance Module : http://dget.nic.in/coe/syllabus/AutomobileBBBT.pdf

Coe Electrical & AC

1 Basic Module : http://dget.nic.in/coe/syllabus/Electrical.pdf
2 Advance Module : http://dget.nic.in/coe/syllabus/Electrical_advance.pdf